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Soft Surfboard 6'0

The Soft top Surfboard is an entry-level surfboard, designed to catch your first waves with ease. The design features a soft top and a slick bottom construction. The deck area provides superior grip to ensure mastering this board in no time. The soft, smooth bottom and flex fins provide safety to the rider and other people in the water.

The secret to the performance of these boards lies within the core. An embedded plywood stringer system maintains the integrity of the rocker while providing a stiff, stable platform. The design let you paddle into waves with minimal effort and feel confident once you’re on your feet.

Available in a variety of colour and sizes, fitted with a leash and an easy-to-use fin system complete with flexible thruster fin set. You will not win the big wave competition with this board, but you will have hours of endless fun. The soft boards are ideal for beginners, schools and hotels.



Soft Surfboard 7'0



Soft Surfboard 8'0




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